Oregon's initiative system depends on the signatures of registered voters.  To help get Net Neutrality on the ballot, you can submit your own signature, THEN help by collecting signatures from your friends.


First, download and print this "e-sheet" petition.  The measure text is printed on the sheet and there is one spot for you to sign, date, and give your name and address.

  • Do not complete the "sheet number" section.
  • Print the sheet on standard 8½” x 11” uncoated plain white paper.  Don't use fancy paper!
  • We must receive an original hard copy of the sheet.  Scans and copies are not allowed.
  • Mail it as soon as possible to:
    Oregonians for Net Neutrality, 3040 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Portland OR 97202

Questions about E-Sheets

Q: I'm off at college... what address should I use for myself?
A: Use the address for where your ballot gets mailed.

Q: I don't remember how I signed my voter registration card.  How should I sign?
A: If you can't recall, use the example on the back of your Oregon Driver License.

Q: Can I stand around and hand out multiple e-sheets to people to get them to sign?
A: If collecting signatures in person, you must use a full signature sheet.  But you can send people a link to this page!