Oregonians for Net Neutrality

To ensure the continued quality of telecommunications services and safeguard the rights of consumers, Oregon Revised Statutes is amended by adding new language to Chapter 759 to read:
            SECTION 1. (1) While operating in the state, Internet service providers may not:
            (a) Charge consumers higher fees to provide faster access to websites or other data based solely on the websites, services or other data the consumer is using, or block content or data,
            (b) Block lawful content, applications, services, or other data, or
            (c) Receive money or any other thing of value from a third party, or otherwise benefit itself or an affiliated entity, by providing faster or slower access to websites, services, or other data provided to a consumer.
            (2) This section does not prevent reasonable network management practices, including the blocking of illegal or malicious content.
            (3) Any telecommunications utility violating this section is guilty of unjust discrimination.
            SECTION 2.  Section 1 of this Act takes effect July 1, 2019.