If you’re a registered voter in the State of Oregon, we'll need your help get net neutrality to the ballot! First, we need 1,000 signatures to get a ballot title. Then, we’ll need about 87,000 more to make it to the November 2018 ballot.


1. Sign the petition to protect Oregon's net neutrality. Registered voters can download an “e-sheet” petition here.  Fill out the sheet and send it to:


Oregonians for Net Neutrality
3040 SE McLoughlin Blvd
Portland OR 97202



2. Donate!  Anyone can make a donation to the campaign, which helps us communicate with voters and get this measure to the ballot!  (Oregonians get a yearly $50 political tax credit to use for any campaign... more information here!)  Every donation helps bring voter-approved net neutrality closer to a reality!


3. Join the conversation! Like our page on Facebook to stay up to date on events and join the conversation.




Step 1: File the proposed measure with the Secretary of State.


Step 2: Gather 1,000 signatures from registered Oregon voters!  After this step, the measure will be assigned a ballot title.  (This process may take weeks or more)


Step 3: After being assigned a ballot title, gather another 87,184 signatures by July 6.


Step 4: VOTE!  A simple majority at the November 2018 ballot would make net neutrality the law in Oregon.